Young Boy Saves A Mother Cat From A Raging Typhoon

Children have a way of showing us how human nature should be.  When the crushing forces of nature threatened his life, this child went out of his way to take care of a stray cat.

Manila Bay is known for having dangerous typhoons when the seasons change.  They bring death and destruction to the lives of those who live along the shore.

One little boy didn’t care about his own well-being when he spotted a cat giving birth right on the harbor.

It might have died had the rains or a strong wave washed the feline family away, but the little boy took measures into his own hands by grabbing a large plastic sheet and sheltering the poor cat while it was giving birth.

Thanks to the actions of this young hero, they were able to get a chance at survival. Against all odds, these grateful cats can go on to live full lives.


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