Little Boy Saved His Money For Over Four Years To Purchase A Service Dog

Aiden Heath an eight-year-old boy from Waitsfield, Vermont, learned he had Type 1 diabetes, and there would have to be some changes made.

Aiden researched glucose monitoring equipment, among other things.  He discovered that a unique trait of dogs is their ability to sense low blood sugar by scent, as much as 30 minutes before the sensitive modern equipment even picks up reading. Aiden also found out that because of their extensive training backgrounds, the dogs are very expensive.

The cost of a service dog for Aiden would be about $15,000. Following his mother’s advice, the boy began saving his pennies. He saved his money for four straight years, and when his total neared $6,000 in April, the local news team spread the word of Aiden’s goal.  That prompted an outpouring of support from people all over the world. It was not long before Aiden, assisted by his mother, Jenni Heath, had over $20,000 to buy a service dog.

Aiden knew exactly what breed of dog he wanted; a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Angel who was being trained in Nevada. Shortly after Angel passed her service tests, she was on a plane to Vermont, where Aiden eagerly awaited.

“Aiden is over the moon,” said his mom. “He was on pins and needles waiting for her.”

Angel will give the Heaths the comfort of knowing their son’s glucose levels are in check, and if they spike or dip too low, Angel knows what to do.

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