Cat Was Born With One Ear And No Paws, But That Doesn’t Stop Him From Living A Beautiful Life

Disabilities can make it hard for people to have a positive outlook in life and try to deal with these conditions.  When they do things that others take for granted, things that are considered “ordinary,” it can leave them living in a world of their own.

Some people simply try to ignore the problem and they do the best that they can do.  But others aren’t as lucky, and they just don’t have the self-confidence it takes to do that.


However, this beautiful cat, named Esparanca, couldn’t care less either way.


Esparanca lives in Brazil and was born with one ear and without any front paws.

You might think that this would be most challenging for a cat to get around, but let me assure you, that isn’t the case.


Esparanca – which is Portuguese for “Hope” – could not be any happier.


She’s just like any other ordinary cat and still manages to walk around, play in boxes, use her litter box and climb on furniture.


She doesn’t let any obstacles stand in her way.


Despite of the fact that she’s missing an ear, her hearing couldn’t be better.





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