Bobby The Ex-Shelter Dog And His Sweater Are Quickly Becoming Internet Famous


Bobby, for months, was once a very lonely dog in the Miami Dade Animal Services.   That was until some loving volunteers bought him a sweater, took his photo and it went viral!  He became an internet celebrity and the rest is history.  Now, he has found so much more than a home. His new owner has turned him into a “therapy dog” and he visits lots of people daily at his new “job.”  Bobby not only has a family who adores him, but an entire building of people who want nothing more than to pet him and tell him he’s a good boy all day long!


“I like him very much. He’s a very nice dog, a tremendously nice dog,” said resident Maucha Gutierrez. Bobby’s face amid all those gentle pets says it all.


The vet declared he is a picture of health  and has a whole lot of love to look forward!  If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that this once-lonely boy will never feel unwanted again.

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