Blind And Paralyzed Puppy Is Now An Inspiration To People Everywhere

Noah, a white Bichon poodle mix was found in horrible condition in a breeders backyard in California.

Noah was only five months old at the time and he was forced to compete for food with his two siblings.

Noah was at a huge disadvantage.  He was born without eyes and had deformed back legs, and he weighed only 2 pounds when he was found.

When Lisa Marie saw a picture of Noah posted by Saving K9 Lives, she knew had to have him!

Lisa Marie was already caring for one blind dog and wanted to help Noah.  He made his journey from California to Wisconsin to live with Lisa Marie.

Noah had a Muffin’s Halo to make sure he didn’t hit his head on things as he moved around and a wheelchair was donated.

Lisa Marie immediately learned what a loving and gentle dog Noah is!

She said Noah likes to sit in people’s laps and rest his head on your neck. The now healthy, 12-pound Noah, goes to nursing homes and visits the residents!

A local school called Lisa Marie asking for Noah’s help with a bullying problem.

The children a lesson after meeting Noah that just because someone may look different on the outside doesn’t mean they are different on the inside.

Noah is one of three finalists in the Emerging Hero Dog Award at the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards!

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