Three Dog Siblings Assist Their Blind And Deaf Sister

Margaux, a nine-year-old Poodle, in Boise, Idaho, had a severe infection on her paw.  When her owners took her to a vet, they found the cause of the infection Margaux has a disease called diffuse pyogranulomatous inflammation which was affecting her immune system.

Although the infection in her paw healed, the disease continued to spread to other body parts. Margaux was sometimes completely healthy, and other times her disease affected her badly.

Unfortunately, when the disease spread to her eyes, they both had to be removed. Moreover, to make matters worse, Margaux also become deaf.

Margaux, who was once a healthy, happy Poodle, was now deaf and blind. Her support system was strong, with her humans and canine siblings Susie, Rhonda, and Chloe.

Her sisters have helped Margaux through it all. They take Margaux for walks, each taking a turn walking Margaux by holding the leash in their mouths.

They are Margaux’s seeing eye dogs and gently guide her down the road.

Margaux may not be able to see or hear, but she can still feel the love.

Margaux is just like any other dog enjoying her life.

Her humans think she uses a kind of echolocation (like bats) to help her navigate.

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