An Injured Pig Became Best Friends With A Blind Cow

Animals sometimes create the most loving bonds and friendships with each other. Here is the story of Baby, a blind cow who managed to get away from a slaughterhouse, and her friend and a seeing-eye pig, Lulu.

Eight years ago Lulu and Baby met, when Lulu arrived at Don’t Forget Us Pets Us (DFUPU), an organization in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Lulu was just a piglet at the time, and the farmer noticed that she was injured. He decided to give up on her, but DFUPU took Lulu in.

Lulu and Baby became friends right away. For eight years, Lulu would guide Baby around the DFUPU grounds. They were never seen without each other.

Sadly, though, Lulu passed away not long ago and Baby was distraught. Whenever she wasn’t eating, she spent her time crying and walking around in circles.

Now she couldn’t move very far without running into something. That’s when a miracle arrived in the form of a young calf who had escaped a slaughterhouse multiple times. She’d gained fame in the area and was bought from the slaughterhouse and delivered to DFUPU.

She was put into a private pen on her arrival, but she quickly jumped a seven-foot fence to get to Baby.

Now the calf has taken Lulu’s place, and Baby has found happiness once again!

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