Rescued Pit Bulls Comfort Three Newly Blind Cats

The Faithful Friends Society rescued three cats who were all suffering from eye problems. The loss of sight can be one of the hardest things anyone could go through.

The oldest of the three, Helen, was suffering from severe glaucoma causing her lots of pain.

The two younger siblings, Bruce and Willis, also had horrific infections, and their eyes were probably going to cost them their lives. That is when the vets made the decision to remove the eyes from all the cats to try and give them a chance at a normal, pain-free life.

The two younger cats took the surgery hard. None of the cats was adjusting well to life without their sight. That was until they met two rescued pit bulls. They were rescued a few years ago by the same woman that agreed to foster the three cats. They discovered their mission was to guard these cats.

The two smaller cats love their big brothers and nap on their chest. Helen was eventually won over by their amazing personality and charm.

The two younger cats, Bruce and Willis,  had a few more complications that left more visible scars.

The cats are still looking for forever homes and if you or anyone you know may be interested, please check out the Faithful Friends for adoption details.


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