Kitten Is Adopted By A Big Cat Who Teaches Him The Ropes

This little kitty got an extra special start to life when he was adopted into a home with an older kitty who wanted to teach him how to be a cat!

The photos below capture the love the older ginger cat feels for the new tiny furball. They hit it off immediately, with the larger cat licking and the baby to show love!

The older brother loved and watched over the kitten constantly.

When the kitten gets dirty, his brother took care of cleaning him up!

They even napped together.

Once the kitten hit his growth spurt, the two cats began to look more and more alike.

They do everything together; eat, sleep and play!

When the weather allows, they both sit at the window and watch the birds fly.

Now that the kitten is all grown up,  the ginger cat has a new best friend that has been trained and groomed to be the coolest brother a cat could ask for.

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