Baby Elephant Is Reunited With Mom After Three Long Years

Baby elephants are dependent on their mothers for three to five years after birth. When MeBai was three and a half years old, she was sold into the tourism industry. She was far too young to be ripped away from her mother and was forced to give rides at a tourist camp, despite her young age. MeBai’s health started to fail, and her owner was forced to take her out of the riding business.

After MeBai was moved to Pamper A Pachyderm at Elephant Nature Park, Lek Chailert of the Elephant Nature Park, discovered that MeBai’s mother was only 60 miles away in a tourist camp. Lek then convinced the owner to allow MeBai to visit her mother. MeBai’s caretakers took MeBai and walked for four days so the reunion could take place. It had been three years since MeBai has seen her mother!

Watch the video to see this heartwarming reunion!

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