Construction Workers Were Surprised Whey They Found A Baby Raccoon In A 200-Year-Old Tree

When construction workers were cleaning up the debris from a fallen 200-year-old tree, they were surprised by what they found inside.  It appeared that female raccoon was unfortunately caught underneath the tree and perished.

The mama raccoon It must have given birth to the baby while the tree tumbled down. Inside the tree was a baby raccoon they later named Breezy.

Breezy was so new to the world that she had not opened her eyes yet, and the umbilical cord was still attached.

The worker took Breezy to a noisy bar to play with while he and his friends partied.

Luckily, a cab driver saw Breezy with the worker and offered to take Breezy.  Ron the cab driver took Breezy to the Savannah Wildlife Rescue in Florida that is a clinic that specializes in raccoon rescue.

Dr. Paddison and her team worked hard to save Breezy by hydrating with fluids and intensive vitamins.

They kept her warm with a special formula milk fed through a syringe.

The team at Savannah Wildlife Rescue also searched for her siblings, but they were never found.

Breezy has beaten the odds.

Once she is fully recovered, the rescue will release her back into nature.

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