Abandoned Baby Possum Found Love With An Unlikely Friend

Unfortunately for animals, walking roadside can often get them killed.  That is what happened to this baby opossum’s mother. The baby was found clinging to her dead mother because she was too young to understand what fending for herself meant.

Some very kind people wanted nothing more than to help her. They immediately sought a vet’s attention.

After a clean bill of health, Poncho, they took her home. Once there, she found an unlikely friend.

For Poncho, her unexpected friend was a white German Shepherd, named Hantu. Hantu, herself, was also lonely. She never knew the love mother shares with her pups, but as soon as she met Poncho, her motherly instincts kicked in.

As soon as they met, they formed a bond that only a mother and child could understand. Hantu was kind and gentle enough to allow the small little, funny looking puppy to crawl on her back and rider around.

These two precious creatures live at the Rare Species Fund. While their species may not be rare, their friendship is. The organization funds wildlife to live in their natural habitat; whether they be dogs or wild tigers.

Not only does the Rare Species Fund provide for the animals but they provide educational services for those that not only those that love animals and their wild nature, but those that may not have the opportunity to understand or learn about animals, wildlife, and their habitat.

Poncho not only had free transportation, she also got a friend.

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