Rare Langur Monkey Born At The Zoo Has Several Mothers

Visiting the zoo and seeing baby animals is always a treat. It is not often you get to see a very rare baby animal.

Meet Nangua, the newest addition to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. He is one of the rarest monkeys in the world, a male Francois’ langur.

“Nangua” is the Mandarin word for “pumpkin”  because of the lovely hue of this baby’s body fuzz, it is a very fitting name.

Nangua was born on November 7, and was instantly a hit at the zoo. The zookeepers said that he is bonding well with his mother, as well as the other females of their troupe.

Baby Francois’ langurs can be born orange, brown or even white.

Nangua’s fur will start to darken within the year and he will look more like his mother. She won’t raise him alone either.

The langurs practice is known as allomothering.  All of the females in one group take turns raising all of the young.

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