Baby Husky Sounds Just Like Chewbacca When He Howls

A puppy’s life is hard work! What with playing with his siblings, to munching down food, to taking long, luxurious naps, there’s so much that they have to fit into a day and so little time! That is why the adorable husky pup skipped naptime to work on something much more important: howling.

Cesar Millan said that howling is a part of canine nature. Dogs howl because that’s what their ancestors, the great wolf, did to ward of predators, alert fellow pack members of their location and signal injuries. Howling is something most (not all) pups learn to do at a young age and is of great importance to dogs! The adorable husky in this video tries to howl while the rest of its siblings are sleeping.

When the puppy opens up its mouth, instead of a howl, a Chewbacca-sounding noise comes out! Take a peek at its hilarious howl for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.

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