Baby Elephant Gets Swept Away By The River, But Look Closely At Who Comes To Her Rescue…


This is a story of a baby elephant who was almost swept off with the river’s current, but rescued by his mom. Sandy Gelderman captured this on film when she visited the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya and spotted a family of elephants attempting to cross-flooding river Ewaso Ng’iro. The video shows the adults as well as all other elephants successfully making the crossing, when the smallest elephant loses her footing…


She was swept off with the flooding currents of the little brook. Seeing the little one flow away, her sister elephant hops down the current and stop her downstream. Then, the sister pushes her upwards the river.


As the current is stronger, the calf goes underwater and starts flowing again. It seems like the little one certainly has very little strength on her own. Seeing that the sister is unable to save her, the momma elephant jumps next to the tiny one and pulls her up with her trunk.


The momma elephant then pulls her upstream with the help of the sister elephant. Suddenly, the little one loses her grip again and begin to flow. The momma then walks down the current and stops it from down, to stop her baby from slipping anymore. The baby slowly gets up with great difficulty, trying to rebut the strong current.


Giving that, that current almost stopped the two elephants; one can speculate the original speed and strength of this river. It certainly takes a bit of extra training to get along in the wild, even for animals. Watch this amazing video below.

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