Baby Elephant Is So Happy To See His Keeper He Tries To Sit On His Lap

Animals can express themselves in heartfelt and surprising ways. They can form incredible bonds with humans.

When this baby elephant spotted her keeper, she proved just how much she adored him. It was just an ordinary day with the elephants until a single moment quickly changed everything.

The elephant keeper was content sitting and watching the elephants when he was approached by a particular baby elephant. She noticed him sitting all by himself and made her way over to him.

The baby elephant felt at home with her keeper. His friendly voice had her snuggling up in his welcoming arms.

She not only wanted to greet him,  she wanted to climb up onto his lap! The keeper’s reaction is priceless.

She treats this keeper like family, forgetting all about personal space.

Just like a child hopping up on a parent’s lap, this elephant goes for it! Baby elephants weigh around 200 pounds at birth, this elephant had to have weighed even more than that, but the keeper doesn’t seem to care.

While the sweet baby elephant shows her love for her keeper, his reaction is equally heartwarming.


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