Baby Monkey’s Mom Was Killed For Meat, And She Was Next, Until Fate Stepped In…

Missa, a baby baboon, was left without a mother when she was killed for bushmeat. Missa’s fate would likely be the same as her mother’s.  She was at risk for poachers to kidnap her.

Missa was in the hands of a poacher when she was found by park rangers in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The poacher who had her has since been arrested and charged with killing animals like Missa’s mom.

The baby baboon was then flown to the Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Loire’s Rehabilitation Center (CRPL). She was taken great care of and slowly was able to regain her strength.

To help Missa from feeling lonely, they paired her with an older baboon named Grace, who was rescued from a hotel where she was found alone in a tiny cage. The two of them formed a close bond immediately.

Life without a mother is heartbreaking, but now Missa has a great adoptive mother.

Both of these poor baboons came from rough pasts, but fate brought them together to help each other heal.


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