Southwest Airlines Flies Orphaned Pets To New Shelter After Hurricane Harvey

Southwest Airlines took an extraordinary step this week by boarding an airplane with orphaned animals from flood-hit Houston.

Because of the magnitude of Hurrican Harvey, animal shelters all over Texas are at maximum capacity leaving many pets homeless and desperate. Southwest Airlines got together with animal rescue groups and helped dozens of animals escape the floods.

The orphaned animals were flown to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, California. The Texas rescue group, Operation Pets Alive took in an overwhelming number of orphaned dogs and cats who had inhabited shelters before the storm. They were suddenly facing euthanasia simply because they had no place to go. The joint operation between the Helen Woodward Center and Southwest Airlines to relocate these animals allowed Operation Pets Alive! to increase animal rescue operations in Houston.

Volunteers boarded the animals into crates in a specially converted cabin of the aircraft. Giving these abandoned pets a chance of a new life in California.

If you would like to help animals affected by the current storms in Texas and Florida, we encourage you to adopt or temporarily foster pets. Get in touch with your local shelter for more details.


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