Abandoned Wolf-Dog Hybrid Is Saved By Wolf Sanctuary

New Boy is about one year old, and he was in bad shape when rescuers found him wandering around Los Angeles.  He was starving, dehydrated, suffering from mange, and covered in parasites. When New Boy was first found, his rescuers thought he was just another stray neglected and abandoned dog. Once they got a closer look, they realized he was a wolf-dog hybrid. This was a major problem since the animal shelter did not have the resources to properly care for a wild animal. It looked like New Boy would probably end up euthanized.

However, the shelter went above and beyond to save New Boy’s life. He was transferred to another shelter that took him in immediately started contacting wolf and wolf-dog rescues throughout California, hoping to find one that could help.

When that did not work, the shelter went national with its plea for assistance.

abandoned wolf-dog

Finally, the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, a Colorado wolf rescue founded in 1995, stepped up and offered to house New Boy. The sanctuary team took an 18-hour road trip to California to pick up New Boy, and when the rescuers got back to Colorado, New Boy’s first stop was the Wellington Veterinary Hospital.

abandoned wolf-dog

After his examination, the vet found that New Boy was also anemic and had inflamed fleet, and he was terrified of human contact. Once he was treated, hospital staff sent him to an off-site infirmary to make a full recovery. They plan to let this beautiful wolf-dog spend two weeks in rehabilitation before joining his fellow wolves at the sanctuary.

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