Abandoned Pit Bull And Veteran Help Heal Each Other

Chad Flemming returned from Iraq after two years of duty and was suffering from crucial post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He became depressed, anti-social and anxious about everything around him. Chad had difficulty even going outside his house or moving on with life. That was until Chad met a perfect companion, a pit bull named Meeko.

Meeko the pit bull was abandoned at the shelter and had very little hope to find love again. He was depressed and crouched in his crate much like Chad and his PTSD. He was luckily rescued by the Ruff Start Rescue one day before he was to be put down.  That is when Chad adopted him, and their therapeutic friendship began.

They now spend their days sharing the love, cuddles, and kisses. Chad says that someday soon, he will train Meeko to be a service dog!

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