Abused Dog Waited On The Side Of Road For A Hero To Save Her

When Judy Obregon was driving around Echo Lake in Fort Worth, Texas, earlier this month, she passed an area that is an infamous dumping ground for dogs that are no longer wanted. Judy is known locally as ‘the dog lady.’ She saw a dog on the road and thought the dog was dead. She did a U-turn and looked over, and the dog picked his head up.

Judy is the founder of the rescue organization, The Abandoned Ones, and knew that she couldn’t leave the dog there.

In the past six years, Judy has found around 200 dogs abandoned in this area – both alive and dead.

Judy rushed the dogs to the vet then placed her in foster care. This dog, Judy named Mercy.

Mercy couldn’t walk when Judy found her.

When Judy loaded the dog into her car and headed for the vet (a 30-minute drive), poor Mercy whined in pain.

X-rays revealed several broken bones, but no evidence that Mercy had been hit by a car.

Mercy had been abused. She had a scar on her belly that may have been where a rope had been tied.

After being treated at the vet, Mercy was walking around again. She is currently being fostered by an employee at the animal hospital.

Mercy will be ready for adoption in a few short months. Consider making a donation to The Abandoned Ones group so they can continue their important work.

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