Heroine Rescued Abandoned Dog Dumped During A Torrential Rainstorm

Valinda Cortez caught a glimpse of a dog that had been abandoned in a North Carolina parking lot. As if this were not sad enough, the poor animal had been dumped during a rainstorm.

While Valinda found the dog, she did not hesitate to come to the rescue. It took some time for her to build up the dog’s trust.

Fortunately for this dog, Vlainda would stop at nothing to help an innocent creature who found themselves in need.

It was obvious to Valinda that the dog had been abandoned for a long time already and if she did not step in, the dog would not survive. The poor dog’s hair was matted down and from the looks of it, her eyes had also become infected. Valinda would need to act as quickly as possible if she was going to save the animal’s life.

Valinda had a blanket in the back seat of her car and draped it over the cold and wet dog. Then she contacted her friend Sue who works as an animal volunteer for help. They named the dog Cassie and took her to a local animal shelter for further assistance. If not for the help of these kind women, who knows what would have happened to Cassie?


Cassie has already been adopted into a new home and is currently loving life. Not all abandoned dogs are so lucky.

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