Young Girl Rescues Horse Left Abused And Abandoned On The Side Of The Road

Kelsie, an Illinois teenager, was driving down a back country road with her mom early one morning when she spotted a skeletal horse on the side of the road. The horse was clearly neglected and abused. They knew they had to do something to help.

They tried to get her on a horse trailer but she wouldn’t get on out of fear. The only thing to do was to walk the horse home. Kelsie and the horse started their 9-mile journey home. The walk took them 4 hours, but it was so worth it.

Now home but not out of the woods yet, the horse whom she named Sunny, was not in good shape. She was malnourished, she had whip marks on her body, her eye was swollen shut, her backbone was sticking out 3 inches, and her back knees were swollen and rubbed raw.

Kelsie fell in love with the horse and wanted to do everything she could to nurse her back to heath. For 5 straight nights, Kelsie slept in the barn to be near her. She thought if she was going to die, she wasn’t going to die alone. Read the following page to see what happens to sweet little Sunny.

But nothing short of a miracle happened. Within days, Sunny had a dramatic recovery. She is now on the fast track to being healthy and whole once again. Without the loving care of Kelsie, Sunny surely wouldn’t be alive today.

Watch the video below to see this miraculous story unfold. This is proof that anything is possible with a little determination, compassion, and love.

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