Good Samaritan Saves Emaciated Dogs Locked In A Basement

Humane CNY Shelter received a call from a good Samaritan reporting that she saw an emaciated dog and her puppy in the basement of a home.

The pair had no food or water, and without intervention, it was likely they were going to die.

Director Christine McNeely called the Syracuse Police Department to investigate the premises.

They found Jada and Sonny living in terrible conditions.

After they were confiscated, the owners were charged with animal cruelty.

Both dogs were taken to the Veterinary Medical Center of CNY for treatment. Jada started to gain more and more weight and was very affectionate.

Unfortunately, Jada had lumps all over her and it was discovered that Jada had cancer that spread to her lungs.

The staff had to switch gears on her treatment.

Instead of putting her up for adoption, they focused on giving Jada all the things that any normal dog should experience in their lifetime and created a bucket list for her to complete.

It included a ride in a fire truck, eating a bowl of ice cream, and even appearing on television.

She still has a lot left to cross off her list, but she’ll definitely have fun completing it all.

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