Heartbroken Dog Waited 5 Months For His Humans To Return

Hope for Paws has plenty of videos that people can learn from when they are trying to rescue a stray dog and give it a better life. The woman in this video discovered an abandoned dog left in an agricultural field for five months. Many people apparently had tried to rescue him, but could not.  They continued to leave food and water for the dog.

Annette would come to the field armed with hamburgers, chicken, and hot dogs. She spent 7 1/2 hours over two days gaining the trust of Buddy, the dog. He was very nervous and would run away if she got too close. Thankfully, Annette was finally able to grab him with a collar, but he managed to chew through at the least two leashes before she called for help.

Once he was rescued, he slept for several days in a nice comfy bed and could not be happier.

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