Firemen Line Up And Give Their Service Dog A Very Special Surprise…

Service dogs are some of the hardest working pups around! They do their jobs and care for their owners every day and never complain or misbehave, which is pretty incredible. The owner of Maddox, this adorable service dog, decided for his lovable pup’s birthday he would treat the pup to the greatest birthday ever!! And boy, did he deliver!

Maddox absolutely loves fire trucks, but more specifically he loves fire sirens. Anytime he hears a siren go off in the distance, he joins in and howls at the top of his puppy lungs! Little did this service puppy know what was in store for him when he strapped on his festive birthday cake hat and birthday t-shirt. (Which by the way are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!) Watch as Maddox’s birthday wish comes true when he gets to see a fire truck up close and howl right along with the blaring siren!

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