15 Of the Most Interesting Looking Animals

While others are so different, like this Okapi!

This beautiful mountain goat looks more like a fluffy sheep.

Ever seen a batfish? Not the prettiest creature in the sea.

This furry looking ant is really a wasp.

“Umbonia Spinosa” is the complex name of this bug.

The Lowland Streaked Tenrec looks like it’s having a bad hair day.

It looks like a bird, but the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth is really an insect.

The Blue glaucus is one of the more beautiful (and the most poisonous) sea slugs out there.

The Harlequin Mantis Shrimp may look beautiful, but its claws could seriously injure you.

The Patagonian Mara looks like a cross between a kangaroo and a small deer. 

How beautiful is  the coat of the Sunda Flying Lemur?

The Kiwa Hirsuta with its fuzzy bear arms may be the creepiest crab ever.

The Superb Bird-of-Paradise is one beautiful bird.

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth is definitely different.


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