Silly Dog Habits That Drive Owners Crazy

Dogs can have some annoying habits that can drive us crazy.

Chewing 0n their own toys is okay, but when your shoes, gloves, and other items in the home start to seem more attractive to them, it is no longer funny.

Shedding is a huge part of dog ownership. Their coat seemingly starts to fall out in clumps.

Dogs can be sneaky when it comes to food, don’t leave your dinner alone!

When your dogs bark all day at the smallest backyard animals it can begin to get annoying.

Having your yard fenced in can keep your dog from running off into the woods or, worse, traffic.

Separation anxiety can lead to some messy results.

No matter what size your food bowls are, your dog always seems to make a mess of his meals.

Being gassy in front of guests can be extremely embarrassing.

Barking at everything can get old really fast.

Dogs seem to have an innate sense when it’s bath time.

Some dogs don’t really enjoy car rides…

Begging for food should never be tolerated!


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